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About Us


The Amy Adina Schulman Memorial Fund is an endowment fund started in 1987, one year after Amy Adina’s sudden death from a burst aneurysm.  The Princeton community in which she was nurtured, her Habonim-Dror progressive Zionist community which shaped her commitment to Israel and to social justice, and her Rutgers community — all searched for a way to continue her presence, her ideals. This Fund is a realization of her family and her communities’ desire to celebrate her life and love of a just and egalitarian Israel and world. The Fund keeps Amy Adina’s insatiable optimism and activist work alive by giving grants to help young people’s early involvement in social justice projects of their own choosing.  Grantees from North America contribute their time and expertise in Israel and across the world making an impact as they work towards: building a just and egalitarian society; enhancing understanding among people; advancing non-violence; promoting environmental concerns; or working with individuals who are emotionally, physically, educationally, or economically disadvantaged. They weave social justice experiences into the trajectory of their professional careers as they develop personal competence and learn tools to build grassroots community activism, and encourage their peers to do similar work.​

We Are Unique...

The Fund is unique in that it provides grants only to individuals, young adults who volunteer or intern for progressive social action projects or programs in an area of their interest and commitment.  In addition to requiring two letters of recommendation, the application needs a letter of acceptance detailing supervision by a recognized organization, and a proposed plan as to how the applicant will educate and encourage peers to be inspired to participate in similar activities. The Fund also sponsors a lecture each year on a relevant and timely topic related to its educational mission.

Accomplishments So Far...

Since the Fund’s inception over 1,000 grants have been awarded for work in Africa, Asia, Israel, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States—more than $550,000 in total.  Thanks to annual contributions, to special gifts in honor of life cycle events, and to corporate matching funds, the number and size of awards has grown each year. The Fund is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, EIN #22-2818980.  All contributions are fully tax deductible.  100% of ALL contributions are used to fund grant recipients unless a donor wishes to specify the gift is to become part of the endowment base.  The Schulman Family covers all administrative costs to maintain and develop the Fund.