The Amy Adina Schulman Memorial Fund

The Amy Adina Schulman Memorial is an endowment fund started in 1987 to commemorate the brief but vibrant life of a twenty year old college student, a neuropsychology major, and an activist for ten years in the progressive Labor Zionist Youth Movement, Habonim-Dror. Adina died suddenly from a burst aneurysm while a student in her junior year at Rutgers University.

Welcome to the Amy Adina Schulman Fund Home Page

he Amy Adina Schulman Memorial is an endowment fund started in 1987 one year after Amy died suddenly from a burst aneurysm. The Princeton community in which she was nurtured, Habonim-Dror which shaped her commitment to social justice, and her Rutgers community - all searched for a way to continue her presence, her ideals.  This Fund is a realization of her family and her communities' desire to celebrate her life, to fulfill her dreams and her potential.
The Fund is unique in that it provides grants only to individuals - young adults who volunteer or intern for progressive social action projects or programs of their own choosing.  Applicants submit a letter of acceptance from the organization with which they will work and receive supervision, and also submit a proposed plan as to how they will educate and encourage their peers to participate in similar social action.

Grant Info Brochure
Since Amy Adina's death, the Fund has distributed grants to more than 1,000 grantees. The number of awards has grown each year thanks to annual contributions as well as  to gifts sent to the Fund to honor special occasions and life cycle events.

The Fund also sponsors a lecture each year on a relevant and timely topic related to the Fund's educational mission. A listing of previous speakers can be found elsewhere in this website under "lectures".

Contributions to the Amy Adina Schulman Memorial Fund are fully tax deductible. The Fund is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization; IRS Department of Treasury, 6/14/1991, EIN#22-281-8980. All contributions become part of the endowment base. The Schulman family covers all administrative costs to maintain and develop the Fund.

The Amy Adina Schulman Memorial Fund - 124 Snowden Lane - Princeton, NJ 08540